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Our objectives during the consultation are as follows:

  1. Listen, observe and collect information from you
  2. Make a diagnosis
  3. Plan any necessary treatment
  4. Present options of treatment to you
  5. Formulate a treatment plan for you with a copy of fees, and then book you in to have any necessary treatment carried out to our highest standards
  6. Arrange a maintenance programme.

Please call for an appointment or view our fees & plans.

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Dental Bridges

A bridge can provide many years of good service. It will also improve your appearance and bite.

  • Gives you a confident smile.

  • Stops remaining teeth from shifting position.

  • Corrects your bite.

A bridge is simply the replacement of a missing tooth by attaching an artificial tooth to an adjacent remaining tooth by means of a crown.

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Dental Crowns

For expert dental advice & restorative dentistry, we specialise in providing patients with dental crowns.

  • Perfect for weaker teeth unable to take a filling.

  • Helps restore teeth with larger fillings.

  • Great for aesthetic results with heavily discoloured teeth.

Restore your beautiful smile and boost your confidence with a crown expertly fitted to strengthen your teeth and restore its natural shape.

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White Fillings

Teeth damaged by decay or breakdown can be restored with modern tooth coloured materials.

Teeth are meticulously prepared and restored with white fillings to maximise both function and aesthetics.

The longevity of the filling will be dependent on its size, depth, and position in the mouth.  This would be discussed with you during treatment.

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Teeth Whitening

As teeth age they lose their lustre and brightness.

  • Were your teeth whiter when you were younger, but are yellow now?

  • Are your front teeth healthy, without bonded veneers or caps?

If the answer is “yes” to these questions, then you are an excellent candidate for whiter teeth.

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Root Canal

Root canal treatment is a routine but highly skilled dental procedure offered by Alrewas Dental Practice.

  • If left untreated, the infection can spread throughout the root system.

  • Root canal treatment procedures are relatively comfortable and often painless.

  • The aim of a root canal treatment is to stop pain, prevent the spread of infection and save the affected tooth.

Contact us today for a consultation or find out more on our Root Canal Treatments page.

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Healthy gums are the foundations and support of your teeth and anything attached to them.

  • Advancing gum disease can be treated by a combination of a high standard of home care and regular treatment sessions.

  • Treatment is aimed at slowing down the damaging effects of gum disease to provide an environment which is conducive to enabling healthier support for your teeth.

Contact us today for a consultation or find out more on our Periodontal Treatment page.

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Adults, as well as children, need no longer tolerate crooked teeth and an uneven smile.

  • Improve your smile.

  • Improved cleaning & uneven wear.

  • Removable, fixed braces, or a combination.

Age need not be a barrier to this type of treatment and is now an affordable treatment for adults and children.

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Dental Implants

A dental implant is a post which is meticulously inserted in the jaw bone to support a replacement tooth.

  • Improved appearance & smile.

  • A permanent, natural looking, solution.

  • More comfortable than dentures.

We provide full details about what to expect before we start together with pre-operative and post-operative care.

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Regain your smile and confidence with high quality, comfortable, dentures from Alrewas Dental Practice.

  • Full & Partial Dentures

  • High quality materials for comfort

  • Custom made for you.

Contact us today for a consultation or find out more on our dentures service page.

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